Why Choose Farm Fresh Flowers?

There are many benefits to buying local, organically grown flowers over grocery store flowers. 

Here are just a few:


They Last FOREVER!

Okay, maybe not "forever", but freshly cut flowers from our farm will last at least several days longer than the flowers you buy from the grocery store. Depending on the variety, some flowers will last even 1-2 weeks in the vase, and sometimes more! Their beautiful aroma will be fresh and vibrant, as well.

Why is this? Most flowers from the store/florist are grown in South America, boxed up and flown to America without a water source, and it may be 1 week before they even reach the store or your hand! At ColleyFlower Farm, on the other hand, we harvest our flowers right before we hand them to you; it's the ultimate Farm to Table Florals!


Fostering a Healthy & Beautiful Environment

At ColleyFlower Farm, we are completely PESTICIDE-FREE, so you can be certain that our flowers are safe for your home and the beautiful Earth that God gave us! We grow our flowers organically, doing our part to maintain a healthy environment. By avoiding pesticides, we allow life to thrive on our farm, which means beautiful butterflies, bumblebees, and other pollinators! It also helps to maintain a healthy microorganism ecosystem to support the growth of strong and beautiful flowers!

Your grocery store flowers are most often treated heavily with insecticides and fungicides, which is harmful to you, your loved ones, and our beautiful world!


So Many Unique Flower Varieties!

Your local flower farm will have unique and stunning flowers that you will not be able to easily find in a grocery store! This includes things like dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, and many more. Amongst other reasons, this is often due to the inability for certain types of flowers to withstand the long journey and tough transportation conditions that they must endure before making it to your hands.

If you're tired of the same old options that seem a bit stale and overdone, then you will definitely love local, farm fresh flowers!


Your Local Farmer-Florist takes Pride!

As both a farmer and a florist, we nurture our flowers from seed to bloom, which takes a lot of patience, passion, and fortitude! We wouldn't be in this business is we didn't absolutely LOVE flowers and the happiness they foster, so every flower we grow and arrangement we create is straight from our hearts!

To us, each flower is a heavenly masterpiece, and we enjoy highlighting them in a wide spectrum of unique floral arrangements!