Our Story


The Flower Farm Dream!

My name is Jamie, and this is my first year growing farm fresh flowers for you here at ColleyFlower Farm in Colleyville, Texas. My husband, Ryan, and I moved to this home in August 2020, and ColleyFlower Farm was established in November of 2020. We farm on a micro scale, as our property is just a bit less than 1 acre! For us though, this is truly heaven on earth. At ColleyFlower Farm, our mission is to share the simple and unmatched beauty of nature through the artistry of flowers! 

I grew up here in the Grapevine-Colleyville area since I was 5 years old, and Ryan grew up on a farm in Manitoba, Canada! We both find peace and fulfillment in nature, and for me, it's also a requirement for my sanity! We absolutely love the beauty and quaint charm of Colleyville, and our goal is to bring back the farmtown feel from Colleyville's history. Every flower you receive from us is grown on our property and freshly cut for you! We grow using organic practices, so our property and the flowers you buy from us are all pesticide free, too!

Since our little business is brand new, we both have fulltime jobs outside of here too, so life is a bit of a whirlwind! I work as a clinical pharmacist, and Ryan is a project manager in the healthcare field. We are busy bees! If only we could pollinate our flowers like bees do, then we'd really beeeeeee in business! 

You can find our flowers online here for porch pick up and local delivery, and we also sell them on our cute little flower cart that we roll down to the end of our front yard.

Since we do still have full time jobs, we do not have set dates for the flower cart, and sometimes we do have to work around our schedules when it comes to preorder pick ups and deliveries. We do our best to accommodate you though, and I will always post on Facebook and Instagram when the flower cart is going out, so keep on the lookout for posts!

In 2022, there will be LOTS more exciting options and experiences coming your way, including workshops and the opportunity to come pick your own flowers!

It has been such a blessing to grow, cut, and arrange flowers for you and our community. Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support! 

We so look forward to bringing you happiness through flowers!

Thank you,

Jamie & Ryan